that look


3 Responses to “that look”

  1. urbanghost Says:

    hey es…i like the work you’re doing with the site. i also shoot film black and white, so i appreciate others who work in these traditional methods. I do have a DSLR, however, i rarely use it! i’ll have to get on that eventually, but it will never replace my rangefinder and black and white film, at least not for street shots.

  2. chantal Says:

    This is a lovely portrait…I took a look through your site, and you have some incredible images…very expressive with a great ‘feel’, and if I can say, very honest (I think the use of film, the under-use of post-processing lends itself to that). I also shoot film only and do little or no post-processing, many times scanning from negatives. It’s good to see there are more of us out here! Keep up the incredible work…I’ll be visiting again soon :)

  3. Manu Says:

    Great expression on this one. It makes for a good and plain photo. Nice!