no parking revisited

no parking
as well as this could be seen as anarchaic rebellion,
it’s propably just innocence to what it seems.
earlier post to this subject
as well as the link to help me out

7 Responses to “no parking revisited”

  1. Esa Says:

    don’t know if this is some sort of rebellion of the elderly, or merely a statement against private car use.

  2. Outi Says:

    Definitely rebellious

  3. -Anne- Says:

    Haha! I love that one! Granny is being rebellious… =)

  4. mmm62 Says:

    Quite well composed (though – what if the street side were visible instead of trees and bushes?)

  5. Lisabeth Says:

    Great! Some rules are made to be broken. When you´re old enough, you can trash them all… Classy picture.

  6. erkka Says:


  7. HPY Says:

    Good rebellion