7 Responses to “outside”

  1. sebastian Says:

    very nice composition in good b/w

  2. urbanghost Says:

    very cool shot esa.

  3. Esa Says:

    thank you both for your inciting comments!
    for the time being, my internet connection is down, thanks to Elisa communications and the local phone company.
    hope to be posting soon, so stay tuned, beloved visitors..

  4. Jens Says:

    This is a puzzling picture but you made me stay several minuts to watch it and I may come back later to watch again….
    It is always a pleasure to find pictures which allow to create a film in my head and that´s what happend. Excellent work for me….lots of details in the dark and much more unseen associations….

  5. Sebastian Says:

    very nice work!

  6. paolo Says:

    very intriguing photo! took me a while to make sense of the scene.. very interesting play with the light!

  7. kurt Says:

    great one – cool light and great contrasts.